Our Hallmark of Customer Service

In January 2010, Adi Golan and Naomi Avitan, both with close ties in the diamond industry, were joined by long-time diamond industry experts.  They combined a youthful, energetic spirit with veteran experience. They were all united in their desire to ensure complete customer satisfaction on all diamond transactions.  The result: MOR Diamonds, diamond wholesalers, with main offices in Chicago and a buying office in Ramat Gan, Israel.  

For MOR Diamonds, customers needs always come first. That means you can always rely on us to give you want you need, when you need it and at the price that is most compeitive.

Now with our website, you can enjoy round-the-clock access to our entire inventory, at your convenience. 

Large, Diverse Inventory

MOR Diamond customers can choose from a wide inventory of diamonds ranging from .75 to 5 carats and varying colors, shapes and clarities. 

MOR sells loose diamonds selected from sources we have direct contact with.  We have GIA and EGL-certified diamonds, and some uncertified goods, which have been purchased directly by us, and carefully examined by our in-house staff of diamond cutters and polishers. 

All our rough stones are conflict-free, and certified under the Kimberly Process Certification Schedule.